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What exactly is a scalp massage brush?

A scalp massage brush is a grooming tool used to cleanse the scalp, massage it and stimulate blood circulation. The brush is usually equipped with rubber bristles.

Advantages of using a scalp massage brush

The benefits of using a scalp massage brush include improving blood circulation in the scalp, which can promote healthy hair growth, cleansing the scalp of dirt, excess sebum and styling products, and relieving scalp irritation and muscle tension. In addition, the brush helps to evenly distribute shampoo and conditioner, which increases the effectiveness of these products, and introduces a relaxing massage into your daily hair care routine.

How do I use a scalp massage brush?

When shampooing your hair, apply the shampoo or conditioner directly to the brush and use it to evenly distribute and lather onto your scalp, using a gentle massage in circular motions. Finish by rinsing the shampoo thoroughly and washing and drying the brush.

When applying the rub/serum to dry or slightly damp hair, massage the scalp gently in circular motions to ensure the product is evenly absorbed.

How to fit a scalp massage brush into my daily routine?

A scalp massage brush can be woven into your daily routine, using it when you wash your hair to enrich your routine with a relaxing scalp massage, or before applying styling products to cleanse your scalp and stimulate blood circulation before styling your hair. It is a good idea to set a fixed time for scalp massage, for example in the morning or evening, to make it a regular part of your daily hair care routine.