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AYLA ROSE – Hair brush


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AYLA Sister Young hair detangling brush. Created for women who want beautiful and well-groomed hair. Ideal for detangling any type of hair, wet or dry. Also great for applying conditioners and masks.

Plastic bristles effectively detangle tangled hair, especially for thicker or more wavy hair. This makes brushes with plastic bristles particularly suitable for those with thick, long or difficult to comb hair.
Brushes with plastic bristles are suitable for use on wet hair, but there are a few things to bear in mind. Wet hair tends to be more susceptible to damage and breakage, so use the brush gently to avoid inappropriate stretching or hair breakage.
Plastic bristles do not absorb styling products as much, which means you can apply conditioners, hairsprays or other styling products to your hair without worrying about them being absorbed by the brush.

SOFT, FLEXIBLE BRISTLES allow you to comb your hair quickly and easily, without pulling or breaking. Gently separates tangles and knots in seconds for painless detangling on all hair types, both dry and wet.

SHINE HAIR Long and flexible teeth facilitate detangling, remove knots and reduce breakage of your hair. The short teeth, on the other hand, smooth the hair and give it a shiny look without frizzy hair.

IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR especially for delicate and wet hair. Properly adapted to different needs, it will help you get the desired effect and beautiful appearance of your hair. You can use it in the shower to evenly distribute your hair products while bathing.

FUNCTIONAL PACKAGING WITH FINE DESIGN makes the brush a perfect gift for someone and for yourself.

Give yourself or your loved ones a gift that will delight and add a unique charm to everyday care rituals.

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