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NAYA NV – wooden hair brush


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The sturdy beech wood construction is resistant to damage and the ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use. The gentle cushion equipped with plastic spikes, with rounded ends, offers a pleasant massage to the scalp while improving blood circulation and stimulating hair to grow faster. The brush precisely brushes the hair without tangling or electrifying it. Without tugging or pulling, it protects the hair structure and effectively prevents frizz.

A paddle brush has a wide, flat surface. It is larger than a standard brush, allowing you to brush more of your hair at once. In addition, a paddle brush generally has more widely spaced teeth, which makes it great at smoothing out thick and dense hair.
The balls on the bristle end should not tug at your hair, on the contrary, the design helps to protect the scalp from irritation and also massages it, while improving blood circulation and stimulating hair growth.
The NAYA brush can be used to dry hair without any problems. However, it is important to use a cool or lukewarm airflow and avoid contact with hot air.

NAYA Sister Young wooden paddle brush for combing, drying and straightening all types of hair, especially thick and dense hair. It is made of nylon bristles and natural beech wood. Perfectly smoothes the strands and leaves them healthy and shiny.

  • For all hair types
  • Perfect for straightening and smoothing hair
  • Multifunctional
  • Rubberized finish
  • Nylon ball-ended bristles massage the scalp
  • Highly resilient elastic cushion
  • Rounded edges
  • Perfect for detangling wet or dry hair
  • Prevents hair from electrifying
  • Gently untangles knots and snags
  • Smooth, shiny results

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