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NOVA PINK– Exfoliating body peeling glove


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Discover the secret of radiant skin with the NOVA Exfoliating Glove SISTER YOUNG body peeling glove. This innovative product is the key to achieving smoothness, elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin, while providing a relaxing massage and gentle exfoliation. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, this peeling glove allows you to gently remove dead skin and stimulate microcirculation, leaving the skin extremely smooth, more elastic and ready for further care treatments.

The main effects of using a scrub glove include deep cleansing the skin by removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture, smoothing and softening the skin and stimulating micro-circulation. In addition, regular use of a scrub mitt can improve the absorption of active ingredients from skincare products and prevent blackheads and skin imperfections.
The frequency of use of the exfoliating glove depends on the individual skin’s needs and how it responds to the treatment. For most people, it is recommended to use a scrub mitt once or twice a week to keep the skin in good condition and ensure a healthy appearance.
After each use, the exfoliating glove should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water to remove impurities and residues of cosmetic products. It should then be left to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Periodically, it is also a good idea to wash the glove in a washing machine or by hand with a mild detergent to ensure its long-lasting hygiene and effectiveness.

The unique design of the glove allows for precise exfoliation, eliminating skin imperfections and restoring its natural glow. Massage performed with this glove additionally supports skin regeneration by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which contributes to improving its firmness and elasticity.

NOVA Exfoliating Glove SISTER YOUNG is not only a care product, but also a way to create a relaxing ritual that will allow you to take care of your skin in a pleasant and effective way. Invest in this amazing glove to experience intense cleansing and skin renewal, while maintaining the pleasure of your daily care ritual.

Give your skin what it really needs and enjoy the effects after the first use!


Universal Size: Perfectly adapts to hands of different sizes, ensuring comfortable and effective peeling on any part of the body.

Flexibility of Use: Can be used both dry and wet, adapting to your care preferences.

Quick Drying: The glove is made entirely of viscose fibre. Thanks to this material, the glove dries quickly after use, which contributes to maintaining a high level of hygiene and provides unparalleled comfort during use.

Practical string: Equipped with a practical string for hanging, which makes it easier to store and keep the glove clean.

High Quality of Workmanship: Solid workmanship guarantees the durability of the product, which makes NOVA Exfoliating Glove your reliable care companion.



The glove can be used 1-2 times a week or according to individual needs. It is perfect for all large parts of the body, providing comprehensive care. It can be used both alone or in combination with your favorite body care products.

How to use:

1. Soak your body in warm water for at least 5 minutes.

2. Wet the NOVA Exfoliating Glove under water – the glove will adjust to the size of your hand.

3. Squeeze out excess water and begin a gentle massage by rubbing the body with the palm and middle of your hand.

4. Avoid dripping wet skin to maintain the effectiveness of the peel.

5. Once finished, wash the glove and hang to dry.


• We recommend using the glove once every two weeks.


Benefits of Use:

Smoother, More Elastic Skin: Regular use of the glove supports the natural exfoliation of the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Improved Blood Circulation: Massages performed with the glove stimulate circulation, which supports the transport of nutrients and removal of toxins.

Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Effectively prevents ingrown hairs after epilation.

Color Evening: Helps even out the natural color, giving it a healthy look.

Preparing the Skin for Treatments: An ideal tool for preparing the skin for further care treatments, increasing their effectiveness.

NOVA Exfoliating Glove SISTER YOUNG is the key to healthy, radiant skin. Give your skin the luxurious care it deserves with this innovative glove from Sister Young!

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