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OVIA NV BLUE – Hair brush


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OVIA Sister Young – curved brush with ventilation for detangling and faster drying of all hair types, wet and dry. Looking for the perfect brush for your hair? Here is the OVIA hairbrush – a unique proposition for women who want a great look and healthy hair.

Nylon pins, like other types of pins, have the potential to cause damage if used incorrectly or if excessive pressure is applied to the scalp. However, compared to some plastics, nylon is softer and gentler on the scalp. However, it is worth using the brush with moderation and gentleness to avoid skin irritation or hair damage.
Brushes with nylon pins help to reduce frizz by evenly distributing the hair’s natural oils and smoothing the hair’s surface. The nylon pins also reduce friction and static electricity, helping to reduce frizz.
Before using a new brush with nylon pins, it is advisable to read the possible contraindications. If you are allergic to nylon or other materials used in the brush, avoid using them or choose alternative products made of other materials.

SOFT NYLON PINS allow you to gently comb your hair without the risk of brittleness or damage.

ERGONOMIC SHAPE has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable grip and precise maneuvering. This allows you to detangle your hair easily and effortlessly, achieving the desired results without putting too much pressure on your hands.

VENTILATED BODY allows hot air to circulate during drying and styling, which will allow you to achieve the desired result faster and effortlessly.

ANTI-SLIP HANDLE makes our brush even more functional and comfortable to use.

MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS, resistant to damage and durable. You can be sure that it will serve you for a long time, being a reliable tool for everyday hair care and styling.

ALL TYPES OF STYLING – Massage and drying brush, used for styling, brushing and touch-ups, BOTH FOR DRY AND WET HAIR.

ALL HAIR TYPES Whether you have thick, unruly hair or fine, thin strands, this brush is perfect for all hair types, leaving a silky, frizz-free finish.

DESIGNED WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL it looks stylish and can be a beautiful addition to your dressing table or bathroom.

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