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ZURI GOLD – Hair comb


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The ZURI Gold comb by Sister Young is an essential professional hair styling gadget with a unique shape and is perfect for all hair types. Thanks to the special design of the wavy comb, it is possible to precisely manipulate the waves in the hair, which allows you to achieve spectacular waves and a perfect “Glam” finish.

The widely spaced teeth allow you to gently comb thick hair and create elegant waves. Narrow-toothed combs, on the other hand, are more suitable for detailed styling and detangling of hair with less volume, as well as when colouring hair.
Yes, ZURI can help reduce frizz thanks to its anti-static coating. This prevents hair from becoming static during styling, resulting in a smooth and controlled style.
The comb is designed for use on both wet and dry hair, making it the ideal tool when styling hair before, during and after drying.

Easily glide the comb through your hair, gently detangling and spreading curls for long-lasting waves worthy of a Hollywood red carpet. Indispensable for those who want beautiful and elegant hairstyles, the ZURI Gold comb provides professional results without effort.

This stylish styling comb also features an anti-static coating to prevent static electricity in your hair. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, which makes it an irreplaceable tool not only for everyday styling, but also for special occasions when you want to look dazzling. 

For those who value professionalism in hair care, the ZURI Gold comb by Sister Young is an absolute must-have. Its not only aesthetic form, but also functionality will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Thanks to durable materials, the ZURI comb guarantees not only a stylish hairstyle, but also comfort of use in daily care rituals. This is a tool that not only helps you achieve the perfect styling effect, but also becomes an indispensable element of professional care for the health and appearance of your hair.


Golden Color and Elegant Design: The ZURI comb impresses with its golden color, giving it not only an aesthetic shine, but also emphasizing the elegant and professional character of the Sister Young brand. It is not only a care tool, but also a stylish addition to your hair accessory collection.

Wide Teeth for Effective Combing: The ZURI comb is characterized by wide teeth, perfect for combing wet hair. The innovative design minimizes the risk of pulling or breaking the strands, while ensuring gentle and effective combing and creating spectacular waves.

Minimizing Hair Damage: The unique shape of the comb and the large spacing between the teeth effectively minimize the risk of hair breakage, making it ideal for everyday use.

Antistatic properties: The ZURI comb has antistatic properties, eliminating the problem of hair electrification during styling, which contributes to smooth and controlled hairstyle.

Universal use: Designed for all types of hair, even thick and curly, the ZURI Gold comb works well both in everyday care and in more advanced styling, enabling the creation.

Durable Materials and Comfort of Use: The use of durable materials guarantees not only a stylish hairstyle, but also durability and comfort of use in daily care rituals, which makes it an indispensable tool for professionals and people who care about the health and appearance of their hair.

Achieve gorgeous, salon-like soft waves every day with our signature ZURI GOLD comb from Sister Young.

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